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Cameroon: Mediline Korea to Complete Construction of Missole` I Multifunctional Laboratory Complex by end of 2020
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Posted on June 9, 2020, 12:00 am
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The coordinator of Mediline Medical Cameroon, a subsidiary of South Korean firm Mediline Korea, has revealed that it will complete construction of a multifunctional laboratory complex, specializing in the analysis and control of the quality of food, pharmaceutical, textile, electronic, chemical and construction products by the end of 2020.

It was during the official launch of the company’s activities in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon on June 4th that Director Sung Uk Yoon, made this announcement. He equally revealed that the complex for this purpose will be built in the Missole`, I locality in the Sanaga Maritime in a space of over 2 hectares.


This project, he says, will be followed by another to build and ultra-modern polyclinic in Yaounde and the construction on Build-Operate-Transfer-BOT mode of modern laboratory in each of the 10 regions of Cameroon. The main and independent project has been estimated at XAF 10billion.

mediline cameroon

Meantime, Mediline Medical Cameroon, subsidiary of the Korean firm is bent on supplying medical equipment, management of sanitary facilities, import and distribution of pharmaceutical products which are its specialty for now.

 According to official sources, the firm is playing a vital role in the fight against the coronavirus across Cameroon territory.


The company stated that, “The Douala branch, located within the airport, has a cargo plane with a capacity of half a ton, for the rapid and secure transport of products (Covid-19 tests) to the ten regions of Cameroon,”


It has partnered with Korean company SD Biosensor, which is a global leading in-vitro diagnostics and test production. Given that Mediline Medical is the exclusive distributor in Cameroon SD Biosensor has in a bit to supply the country with the virus kits, deployed two logistics centers in Douala and Yaoundé.


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