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Pakistan: Employers Allegedly Kill an Illegally Employed 8-year Old Maid
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Posted on June 4, 2020, 6:17 am
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Employers of an illegally employed housemaid have reportedly killed her for letting pet parrots escape.

The incident happened in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Sunday, May 31st, 2020. The victim has been identified as Zohra.

According to Zia Uddin, Police Superintendent of Rawalpindi, the 8-year old girl only wanted to feed the birds when she opened the cage. However unfortunate for her, they flew away and his employer could not take it.

eigt-yea-rold maid

She was brutally beaten by her employers who are into animal business. She was left unconscious but taken to a nearby hospital. The alleged employer abandoned her there but she unfortunately died on Monday, June 1st, 2020.

According to reports from the First Information Report-FIR, Zohra was brought in alive but with serious injuries on hands, face, rib cage, legs, and thighs. They added that the wounds on her thighs suggested that the 8-year old was not only physically beaten but equally sexually assaulted.

pakistan maid killed

It was the hospital that called the police who launched a manhunt and two suspects are presently in police custody. Their names were not revealed but they are to be held for three days while investigations are ongoing. Results from samples for forensic examination are equally awaited.

maid killed in pkistan

Information gathered shows that the young girl only engaged in this job at an illegal age to gain an education in future. She was to carter for the employers’ toddler and be educated.

eight year old maid killed in pakistan

Critics have highly criticized parents of the underage victim whom nothing has been said about. The question their parenting and doubt the motive behind their sending Zohra into illegal domestic service at that age.



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