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Security tightened in UB as arsonists target the institution
Category :- Education Author :- Amos Fofung 
Posted on August 28, 2017, 12:00 am

The central administration of Cameroon’s pioneer Anglo-Saxon University, the University of Buea, UB, has reinforced security on its main campus after some unidentified men attempted to set the Amphitheatre 600 on fire some weeks ago. This reporter learnt on very good authority. 

As the information goes, the arsonist angered by the fact that business was gradually returning to normal on campus decided to give a fore taste of their speciality to the institutions’ hierarchy.

An informant at the university who spoke to this reporter on the basis of anonymity recounted that, the unidentified men in their mid-twenties succeeded to enter the campus through one of its numerous unfenced and unattended entrances before making their way to the majestic and well-constructed Amphi 600 located at the far end of the campus and guarded by thick bushes.

As fate would have it, before getting there, they spotted a girl in her early twenties (names withheld for security reasons) who was smiling as she made her way to campus ready to attend one of her lectures. Angered by the fact that little or no one pay an attention to their demands to boycott lectures at the university, the irate boys baptised the young lass with the petrol they had with them before striking a match stick and throwing on her.

The arsonists are reported to have taken to their heels abandoning their prime motive. As for the girl, the fire reportedly burnt her back pack and clothes before the flames were smothered.  The administration of the institution is said to have done everything to bury the information so as not to instil fear in the minds of the students and due to the limited presence of students on campus that day, it is as if the incident never happened.

In order to ensure that such barbaric acts never repeats itself again, the school administration is reported to have increased the number of campus police on and around the campus and solicited the expertise of forces of law and order.

 Equally, every vehicle including that of senior staffers of the institution is thoroughly search at the main entrance of the campus while students especially those with unjustifiable big bags are well investigated before their bags are ransacked.   

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