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Five Boko Haram Militants and Two Cameroonian Soldiers Perish in Violence from the Terror Group
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Posted on May 26, 2020, 3:23 pm
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Following renewed Boko Haram sec’s attack in Soueram, in the Far Northern Region of Cameroon, over five sec’s members and two Cameroonian soldiers have been reportedly killed.

It was yesterday Monday May 26th 2020 that the incident occurred in the small agricultural town.

boko hharam

It was in 2014 that this sec first significantly attacked Cameroon and since then the attacks keeps frequenting. Apart from Nigerian where the origin of the Boko Haram sec has been traced, Cameroon has suffered so much more than any other neighboring countries.

boko haram

Cameroon had declared war on the sec just after it 2014 launched attack. On the month May that same year during the Paris Peace Summit in France, Cameroon President His Excellency Paul Biya declared a fight back.

boko haram

It was following an order for a fight back that the group heated its attacks which has now become so rampant.

boko haram

Cameroon has since recorded a huge human loss as well as destruction of properties including houses, animals and even crops as a result of these attacks.

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