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Naomi Campbell Declaration on World’s Dependence on Africa rattles her fans and foes alike
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Posted on May 6, 2020, 12:00 am
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 Naomi Campbell a supermodel, philanthropist and cultural innovator who is equally into political concerns, has recently made a declaration about the vitality of Africa that has got people including her fans and social media followers talking.

noami campbell

With the ongoing pandemic that has caused so much back and forth faked and programmed prophecies concerning Africa, the supermodel could not keep quite at a time like this. According to close sources, the philanthropist recent reaction is influenced by Melinda Gates’ negative COVID-19 predictions about Africa. Melinda stated that Africa will be hit the hardest and dead bodies will liter streets.

Though reportedly born in England, she is daughter of a Jamaican-born dancer and “an unnamed father”,

naomi campbell

The international model has frequently spoken and written publicly about her aspirations for Africa.

Her speech and quotes about Africa have been seen as proves that Campbell has nothing to hide when expressing her political feeling for the continent, Africa.

In her recent stand for the continent, the Jamaican supermodel strongly amazed many people as she wrote, “Africa Never Needed The World, The World Has Always Needed Africa”.

naomi campbell

Reliable sources in conformity have stated that, Campbell’s political attachment to Africa can be seen in her relating with Sierra Leone former president as well as the presidents South African.

She has equally maintained an optimistic view concerning Africa as she cheered and republished images on Facebook of the very effective way Senegal is combatting the pandemic

On March 2019 in South Africa, Durban, the fashion legend attended the Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit which was convened on the International Women Day.

noami campbell

According to information from Biography Newspaper, Supermodel Naomi Campbell was born in London on May 22, 1970, in England. She began her modeling career at age 15 and became the first black woman to appear on the cover of French ‘Vogue’. She was also the first black model to appear on the cover of ‘Time’.

Campbell is also known for appearances on TV series like ‘The Face’ and ‘Empire’ and her scrapes with the law.”


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