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Alexis Megudjou moves from CCA’S DMD to MD
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Posted on May 5, 2020, 12:26 pm
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It has been revealed that, the former Deputy Managing Director of Community Credit Africa- CCA Bank, Alexis Megudjou has been appointed Managing Director of the said banking institution operating.


Alexis Megudjou, according to information from the Bank, took over from Charlotte Chekep Kouecheu, who has reached the end of her term. Meantime, work is underway to obtain a new license that will enable Mr. Megudjou to perform his new duties.


 According to close sources, the appointee was a well-known manager of CCA, the microfinance institution that became CCA Bank. In late May 2019, one year after its mutation from a microfinance institution into a bank, CCA Bank posted a 20% increase in deposits. It is however believed that he is inheriting a fast-growing credit institution.


The bank on its part has said that, "Although the number of ATMs and branches have not changed, it should be noted that despite the great performance achieved in financing the economy, CCA-Bank closed its 12th month of activity with an impressive over liquidity, with a cash/deposit ratio of 51% as of May 31, 2019,".


It has been recorded by the bank in the Cameroonian ecosystem that its deposits raised from XAF174.3 billion in May 2018 to XAF209.3 billion at end-May 2019. On the same trend, credits rose by 35% year-over-year, up from XAF79.5 to XAF107.3 billion.

It should be noted that it was in May, 2018 after its licensing that the CCA Bank became operational in Cameroon.


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