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Cameroonian Poses as Football Agent, Dupes Ghanaian Players
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Posted on April 27, 2020, 12:00 am
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A Cameroonian has reportedly posed as an agent and swindled four Ghanaian players who have now been stuck in the sugar producing town of Chiredzi amid the extended lockdown.

According to reports, Adjetey, Peter Tibila, John Adu Poku, and Nelson Adenyo said sold their valuables in Ghana for air tickets to Zimbabwean team which according to the fake agent was named Khaya Africa Football Club.


The victims revealed that the only name they can identify of the fake agent is Oliver. The promising word that motivated their quick move was the signing of $US 10 000 fees per person. They were equally promised winning bonuses of US$2000. They however realized upon arrival that it was a non-existing team.


One of the victims, Francis Adjetey, 23 years, said to NewsDay, “When we arrived in Zimbabwe, we discovered that there was no such team as Khaya Africa FC. After we touched down at the airport we met Gomba and Energy Zava and we were told that we should immediately pay US$250 each for logistics which included work permits. They managed to collect a total of US$800 from all of us.”


He added that, “They went on to tell us that we are going to a nice club house with free WiFi. They bought us soft drinks and chips. That was all we got for that day. What surprised us was that they were stopping to buy beer at every bottle store along the way until we got to Chiredzi. We were taken to a local lodge where we were left for the night without food despite our pleas, only for them to come back at about mid-day the following day.”


They have urged the authorities to investigate such conmen and let the whole world to know that these guys are just conmen. To them, it is an element of human trafficking.

It should be noted that as they equally recalled in the report, that this was the third batch of Ghanaian players suffering the same fate.

Meantime, the authorities have launched a manhunt of the fake football agent, Oliver.


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