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"God has a lot of work; He has the whole world to look after. He cannot just be here in Uganda looking after idiots..."-President Kaguta Museveni
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Posted on April 23, 2020, 3:17 pm
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The President of Uganda, Kaguta Yoweri Museveni has warned his compatriots who are behaving inappropriate during this period of COVID-19 as if they are the only people or race God has to carter for.

Addressing them, he said, "God has a lot of work, He has the whole world to look after. He cannot just be here in Uganda looking after idiots..."

It has been a struggle between the authorities and individuals in Africa as they try to enforce precautions against the coronavirus pandemic.

ugandan president

The president throughout his address metaphorically compares the pandemic to war. He urged everyone to take precautions as if were in a war.

The president solemnly declares that, “The world is currently in a state of war. A war without guns and bullets. A war without human soldiers. A war without borders. A war without cease-fire agreements. A war without a war room. A war without sacred zones”.

He stated that, in a war situation, nobody asks anyone to stay indoors. You stay indoors by choice and might even hide in the basement for as long as hostilities persist. He added the time of war is not a time to demand for your freedom. It is a time when you exchange it for survival. Complaints of hunger are not heard but you just bear it and pray to live to eat again.

museveni uganda

He has urged that during this pandemic like in a war, you don't argue about opening your business. What you can do is close the shop if “bullets’ let you and pray to outlive the war so that you can return to your business if it has not been looted or destroyed by mortar fire.

President Museveni says it is time to just be thankful to God for seeing another day in the land of the living. About children he said parents should not worry about them children not going to school in a time of war-pandemic. They should rather pray that the government does not forcefully enlist them as soldiers-doctors to be trained in the school premises now turned military camps-hospitals.


Unlike a war at times, he said the army in this war of a pandemic is without mercy. It lacks any milk of human kindness. “It is indiscriminate - it has no respect for children, women, or places of worship. This army is not interested in spoils of war. It has no intention of regime change. It is not concerned about the rich mineral resources underneath the earth. It is not even interested in religious, ethnic or ideological hegemony. Its ambition has nothing to do with racial superiority. It is an invisible, fleet-footed, and ruthlessly effective army”.

To him the Pandemic’s only agenda is a harvest of death and that it will only be contented when it has turned the world into a “big death field.” He added that its capacity to achieve its aim is not in doubt for, “without ground, amphibious and aerial machines, it has bases in almost every country of the world. Its movement is not governed by any war convention or protocol.

uganda and corona

The president believes that this pandemic has a weakness and it can be defeated. He said “It only requires our collective action, discipline and forbearance. COVID-19 cannot survive social and physical distancing. It only thrives when you confront it. It loves to be confronted. It capitulates in the face of collective social and physical distancing. It bows before good personal hygiene. It is helpless when you take your destiny in your own hands by keeping them sanitized as often as possible.”

He equally took to his twitter and warned against the importation of corpses from COVID-19 pandemic. He wrote, “Let no one bring any bodies of people that have died of COVID-19 to Uganda. Whoever dies of COVID-19 outside Uganda should be buried there, you can also choose to cremate them, but let no one bring the bodies here.”


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