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Door-to-Door Anti COVID-19 Sensitization Campaign Yield Fruits, About 2,313 Douala Denizens to be Screened
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Posted on April 9, 2020, 11:11 pm
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Following a massive door-to-door anti COVID-19 sensitization campaign conducted in the center region of Cameroon to stop the propagation of the virus, Cameroon Health Minister, Dr. Manaouda Malachie revealed the sucess of the campaign, Thursday April 9th in a tweet.

COVID-19 Massive Sensitization, Douala

Talking five days after he deployed his team for the massive campaign, minister Malachie said the team visited 80366 households and evaluated 198,640. According to the team reports, they experience about 85.2 percent rates of acceptance against 14.8 percent rates of refusal.

Moto bike men in Douala join the sensitization campaign

The screening process as explained in the tweet is meant to help isolate possible positive cases earlier enough.

Before now, all test samples were screened only at the Centre de Pasteur in Yaounde, given that this was the only medical center equipped to run the tests. Following the persisting surge in recent figures, the government decided to set up new centers in the virus hit zones.

door-to-door Covid-19 sensitization

As of now, a laboratory has been equipped in Douala, permitting samples to be tested there. This has yielded remarkable results as the regions new statistics shows about 255 confirmed infections, six deaths and 14 survivors.

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