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Anglophone Crisis Ushers New Cocoa Processor Boasts Rainy Season Market
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Posted on April 7, 2020, 7:49 am
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According to figures revealed by SIF, a system that provides updated information on the prices of coffee and cocoa in Cameroon, on April 1st, 2020, the prices of a kilogram of cocoa beans at the port of Douala, ranged between XAF 1,050 and XAF 1,150, as opposed to the XAF 1, 000 and XAF 1,100 that recorded in the last week of March, 2020.


This rise in price is influenced by rising demands. But it is unlike the habit of prices which gradually goes down, even to the intolerable during rainy seasons. Due to the Anglophone crisis affecting the South West Region that till date is the leading cocoa producing region in Cameroon, the offers of cocoa beans have decreased and new cocoa processors have entered the market.

cam cocoa

Also, many processors like Sic Cacaos, which is a subsidiary of Swiss Barry Callebault, have increased their grinding capacity. They are presently demanding for more raw materials.

The Cameroon National Cocoa and Coffee Board ONCC have revealed that at the start of this rainy season in Cameroon from March 15th, though with no much rain there was a slight decline in cocoa prices in country.

cam cocoa

According to SIF, a month ago, the prices of a kilogram of cocoa were between XAF1080 and XAF 1200. But on March 24th, the price of cocoa for the same weight was between XAF1000 and XAF 1100.

cam cocoa beans

There was therefore the prediction of the possibility of further drop in prices as the heavy rains will gradually limit access to production site because of bad road and consequently high cost of transportation often deducted from the beans.

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