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President of CPP Sneers at Cameroon Government’s Measures to Combat COVID-19
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Posted on March 24, 2020, 10:54 am
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The National President of the Cameroon People’s Party, CPP, Edith Kah Walla has recognized government efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the country but regrets that the measures are ‘late’, ‘poor’ and far beyond their realization. She made the remarks after the Government restrictive measures to combat the virus went into effect.

Mme Edith Kah Wallah

To her, it is good that government have finally initiated a plan, “even though within the first hours of implementation it is evident that insufficient work has been put into thinking.”

Since the beginning other political strive, Wallah has been battling to unite enough militants against the present regime governing the country. She maintains that the present health crisis has come to better expose the need for Political Power Transition in Cameroon.

“This crisis has demonstrated the extreme weakness in our governance –from healthcare to infrastructure, national security and the administration of our national territory.” She wrote.

According Wallah, the government failed in the planning and delivery of the measures, resulting in “the lack of water for the citizens to wash their hands and avoid getting infected; the extreme limitations of our healthcare system in terms of infrastructure, personnel and budget; the very low access to electricity and internet services at a time when people need to be working remotely; an infection rate that evidently could have been much lower or avoided altogether if proper precautions were taken.”

Following the quarantine measures put in place by the government, the CPP boss has deduced that the government’s attempt came late and has been poor, given that this is one of the best means of mitigating the spread of the virus.

To her, it will be good for the government to work in close collaboration with the “all actors -public, private, professional, etc. to increase our infrastructure capacity for quarantine and isolation incase of infection.”

Kah Wallah Against Biya Regime

Going by the measures implemented so far in other countries, Wallah thinks that large-scale testing is resource intensive. She says, “it is important that government analyses this option, discusses it with us as citizens and informs us of the choices made and the reasons for them.”

Meanwhile, she stressed that the government failed to make special provisions for health and all other front-line workers, given that the crisis will be most taxing on those who have to take care of the sick or those at risk. To her, this will mean additional working hours and additional care and attention to patients.

“Government must provide the incentives for healthcare and other front-line workers in terms of training, protection, pay, job security, job promotion etc, that will enable these workers to make the sacrifices necessary for all,” she wrote.

She has it that all measures taken will impact the economy and workers’ health. For her, government must analyze key factors like a concert with the electricity and telecommunication operators to ensure availability and access to services at reduced cost and put in place resources to accompany these economic actors in both the formal and informal sector at this moment.

Edith Kah Wallah Message of Political Transition

Given that social distancing is a recommended measure to stop COVID-19 from spreading, she is concerned with the fact that people must work remotely and continue to produce for the economy even as they self-isolate.

Drawing from a political perspective, she has said, “In the medium term, 11-30 days: This pandemic is an opportunity to end the conflict in the North West and South West Regions or at the very least, negotiate a ceasefire.”

Her opinion is that the crisis is a threat to all lives, regardless of their political opinion is an opportunity to come together, negotiate a ceasefire and begin to build a pathway to peace. She advises that the Government should use this opportunity fully to end the killing and violence in the country.

For all the above to be realized, Wallah holds that the government must adjust the budget, economic forecast and economic decisions to this new reality. “The tumbling of the price of oil on the world market, the impact on the CEMAC and larger African economies, the effect on the economy of our biggest trading partner, -China as well as on the European and American economies will greatly affect Cameroon’s economic well-being. The government must carry out detailed analyses,” she said.

Edith Kah Wallah, President of CPP

As for the quality of health services in the country, Wallah thinks the government should negotiate new partnerships for healthcare. Going by example, she has pointed out that numerous countries, organizations and even individuals are stepping up to offer assistance to fight COVID-19.

In this line, the government of Cameroon must examine all these opportunities, not only to obtain assistance in a very short term but also to rethink about the partnership for healthcare in the future. She added.

However, she maintained that the pandemic is like a source of reinforcement on the conviction of the CPP that a Political Transition is a matter of survival for Cameroon. She used the opportunity to call on all to join them work together towards staying healthy, thereby limiting the damage of the pandemic on our country and building the strength to achieve the needed Political Transition.


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