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Epileptic Power Supply Becomes the Quotidien in North/Southwest
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Posted on March 23, 2020, 9:00 am
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March 2020 has been unofficially marked as a month of darkness in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon. The conflict-ravaged regions have been plunged into darkness by the beleaguered electricity supplier ENEO. Cameroonians are generally used to have epileptic electricity supply in the country despite the wide potential for hydro-electricity that the country possesses.

Electric Power

The regions have almost returned to an era of darkness, with the occasional hum of private generators whiling away the night. These generators are not only owned by very few persons but are an additional cost to most businesses.

“I can no longer buy fish, meat or any foodstuffs that can easily perish. I have already lost so much without any compensation from the electricity supplier ENEO. I always pay my bills but this nonchalant behaviour from the company is unwelcome.” Explained one shop owner in Buea

The country has numerous waterfalls that can supply the entire nation with uninterrupted hydroelectricity. However, mismanagement and incompetence at the level of the government and electricity supplier mean that most Cameroonians pay for services they never enjoy.

Power outage in Cameroon NW/SW

The embattled electricity supplier in communiqués circulated on the social media talks of an ‘Electricity Rationing Plan’ but they have not been able to follow their plan leaving the population furious.  Different segments of the population are disgruntled but their grievance cannot be expressed through street protest as can be seen in other regions because of the Anglophone crisis.

The rationing plan leaves consumers confused as it is never respected and as such, people cannot plan their activities. The blackout has resulted in hikes in the prices of other goods such as candles. Many business operators now use generators, thus increasing their expenses.

Electric Cables

The epileptic supply has frustrated many students of the secondary education family who are writing their regional mock examinations in a prelude to the General Certificate of Education Board examinations coming up in May. “I am really disappointed with ENEO; I think the government should do something about it. We are the leaders of tomorrow and this is not the kind of environment where healthy leaders can be groomed” one student lamented.

“At a time when the deadly coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, we need electricity because it guarantees water, oxygen in the hospital for potential patients and many other things. Without electricity crime increases because criminals operate mostly at night” another concerned Buea resident said.

“I drove away that ENEO agent from my compound yesterday when he came to read my meter. I asked him what is wrong with the rationing plan they shared out and he said he was merely doing his work that I should call the office. I immediately chased him out because this is unacceptable” one angry homeowner narrated the sorry story of most denizens of the two regions.

Fallen Electric poles

Despite reassurances from The Energy of Cameroon best known by the acronym ENEO and the government of Cameroon, citizens largely remain critical of the company’s handling of the energy interruptions.

Many residents say they are looking forward to a return to normalcy in the electricity grid given the negative impacts on the socio-economic life of the two regions caused by the shambolic electricity supply.

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