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Gideon is a Hebrew name that means cutter. Gideon is noted for destroying the idols of the people of his tribe who had turned away from worshiping the true God and carved for themselves images of pagan deities. Gideon thus represents not only courage but also unwavering faith when faced with truth vs. falsehood.

Our inspiration comes from the character of Gideon. However, we are more concerned with telling the true stories despite the odds that may come our way. But also, as compared to other judges of biblical Israel, Gideon was not from a very reputed family. Yet his courage and faith made him one of the best leaders the people had ever known.

Thus, we believe that with truth on our side we can bring marginal stories to the forefront. Our goal is to go for the underdog news stories that often get lost in the noise and haze of contemporary “hot stories”. Thus, while we report breaking news stories as other news organizations do we are also keen to give voice to marginal narratives. Our focus is Cameroon news, though we also bring in features from the international scene.


Published by Fortuchang Peter Mboya and edited by Ferdinand Mbecha LeGideon Magazine is the flagship news and media platform of Lebialem Gideon, a Cameroon registered Media House with offices in Cameroon, Maryland (USA), and Berlin (Germany).

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